Engler Fireside

This is a do not miss event! The Engler Fireside and Lincoln Crawl are happening on Thursday, October 11th. This is one of the most valuable events that we do each year, and you don’t want to miss it!



October 11, 2018



6:00 – 8:00 PM Central


FUSE Coworking, Fifth Floor, 151 N 8th St, Lincoln, NE 68508

About Engler Fireside

Lincoln Crawl: 3:00pm – 6:00pm

The Lincoln Crawl is a chance to visit a number of different businesses and startups around Lincoln. You’ll get the chance to tour the business and hear directly from some of the founders and early employees. This is a close and personal look at some of the leading and exciting businesses in Lincoln. Stay tuned for an update on the businesses that we will be visiting this year!

Lincoln Crawl details: 

Crawl #1:

Start: 3:00pm at Realm Five.
Other visits: The Mill Coffee and Tea, ArchRival

Staff Leader: Brennan Costello – 308-529-3513

Crawl #2:

Start: 3:00pm at Nelnet
Other visits: Firespring, Raising Canes

Staff Leader: Tom Field – 970-217-6233

Students: Please check the list you were emailed to see what tour you’ve signed up for (if you did sign up for one) or if you just signed up for the Fireside. If something has changed, please contact Brennan as soon as possible.

If you are coming late and meeting us on the tour, please call the staff member and let us know where you will be joining us!

Come ready to ask questions about these very cool businesses!

The Engler Fireside: 6:00pm – 8:00pm

Fuse Coworking, 5th Floor

The Fireside is a big event focused on a series of roundtable conversations with Lincoln entrepreneurs and business leaders. You’ll have the chance to visit with small businesses owners, startup entrepreneurs, bankers, designers, and more from all types of industries. This is a great place to find a mentor and to ask some real questions to entrepreneurs. Also, there’s free pizza, so don’t miss it!

Preparation Notes: 

  • Check out the mentor page and research which ones you want to be sure to talk to. You may want to ask them to be a mentor.
  • Check out the sheet of potential table topics we will be offering, you’ll get to choose which ones you want to go to when you arrive at Fireside!
  • Evaluate where you are in your entrepreneurship journey, and write down a list of questions you have.
  • Research the businesses you will be visiting and get to know what they do.
  • Prepare an elevator pitch of your idea so you are ready to explain it.